Holy Week Advisory from Sugarleaf

April 4, 2012

A Blessed Week to Everyone!

Please be informed that Sugarleaf will have no business operations from April 5 to 9 (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Day of Valor) and will resume operations on April 10 Tuesday. 


Holy Week 2012


Healthy Food Tips during Holy Week:

1. Organic Vegetable Salads – This is your time to reflect and nourish your body. Power up your meals with Salads. Mix it with Sugarleaf Organic Blueberry Dressings and Kefir Sauce. This is the best way to nourish and relax during the holiday.

2. Fruits & Fruits – Theres no substitute from Fresh Cut Fruits and Fruit Juice Extracts. The best enzyme that will help you nourish your skin and body

3. Milk, Yogurt and Kefir – The probiotic power team to help your digestions on a right track.

4. Tea & Wild Honey – Sip your favorite tea blends with wild honey during siestas

5. Fresh Seafoods – steam or grill it and dash it with rock salt, pepper and lime. You may want to add fresh chopped tomatoes and onions as a side dish.


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